Emotions at work

Today I am blogging with a heavy heart..the cruel, ironic side of the corporate world strikes and it rips me apart, but  I cannot ask why, only obey, either do or die..symbolic of the irony that exists in the corporate world…

My desk partner, my secret sharing buddy, my tea-break companion and my chilli chicken pal is leaving the company for greener pastures. I knew he would leave someday, not only is he a couple of years younger but a lot naiver and fresh blood in the corporate world. I started my career quite early and probably learnt or observed a lot of good or bad things on the way. This guy was not only my desk partner but probably agony aunt and Bollywood gossip sharer as well. I will miss him a lot and that reflects how much ever I try I cannot be non-emotional when people leave the company, someone I am familiar with and could strike up an easy conversation or make a dull day sparkle…

How easy it is to get used to some-one or something, how simple it is to make someone smile and you know in your head it is only for a while, yet you choose to walk the “mile”…..

This is not just a post on him or how close I am.. It is a reflection of the time I have spent in the organisation and the only true friend I had. I hate getting attached to people, I am terrible at saying goodbye, it is the only thing that makes me cry, makes me feel pathetic and sometimes a part of the human world..

There are reasons why this guy left and I wish he did not, but he took a stand and somehow will always be remembered. The equation I had with him  I will not have with the person occupying his seat, I wish I did but I cannot and sometimes emotions make humans seem frail in this fast paced world..

These are times I think I am lost in the ocean of humanity and maybe am a total misfit to the corporate world!!!!


5 thoughts on “Emotions at work”

  1. Do not worry… You are not the only one to feel “These are times I think I am lost in the ocean of humanity and maybe am a total misfit to the corporate world!!!!”.. I belong to the same group of people… 🙂 🙂

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