I loved this post on Huff Post women and thought it was definitely interesting to blog on it. I will reblog some of it and then share my thoughts as well.

  • You are the sum of the five people most present in your life. So much of life is social, who you know, and who you most engage. This is under your control. Surround yourself with smart, interesting people who inspire you.- This is something I found totally relatable, the kind od energy you generate will be proportional to who you spend your time with, the thoughts you share and the discussions you have, so choose wisely..
  •  There’s a reason why some people achieve unlikely success and a big part of it is about how they approach their strengths and weaknesses.Some people spend so much more time focused on their weaknesses when that energy could be used to push your strengths to new heights.- Sometimes you are so busy being critical that you actually loose touch of who you are and who you want to grow into.It is important to be critical and appreciate people as well…
  •  You can make a living doing what you love. Once this starts happening to you, life opens up and you stop dreading Mondays. This is eventually what I am working towards and it might take me a year at the most to figure it all out, right now it is important to manage my time well and be sure of what I am doing properly.I want to pause and re frame a couple of things but sometimes the best is always unwritten and yet to be experienced.
  •  Be grateful for everything. Since I shifted my attitude toward constant gratitude, good things keep coming into my life. When you’re resentful, you’re off the path. I say yes to seemingly small opportunities and they almost always lead to bigger ones. I have to inculcate an attitude of gratitude and be happy with what I have rather than crave for unknown things and adventure that might lead me to dangerous pastures.
  •  “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde. Do you want to be great in your career, in school, in blogging? Don’t try to be someone else; they are the best person at being them. You are the best at being you.
  • Invest in things that help you become the sharpest version of you.Maybe it’s a new computer, a ticket to a conference, a book, or class. You will reap the returns.Something simple like backpacking, travelling or just taking time off…
  • We’re all just passing through.
  • Some people, places, and events in your life are shipwrecks. Don’t keep dragging them behind you. Cut them off and swim away. This ihe toughest and something I am always trying to work on. Negative energy, negative people cause chaos.
  • Never stop learning. I’m constantly reading books and consuming online media. I’m a fairly busy person, especially as a mom, but I even started taking a computer programming class, because it’s a way of investing in myself.
  • Love is the best motivation. For me, it’s been motherhood — I’m driven by an endless supply of love for my daughter. Love is the most renewable energy. This is something that I totally believe in and deep down in my soul feel it, even the traces…



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