Sassy stuff

So people think I am sassy, very self opioniated and maybe to an extent very loud….but is that what exists to me, not really.. The sass is a part of me, I am spontaneous, I love laughing and making people smile. I am not a doll or a puppet who will walk and talk according to the wishes or whims and fancies of people around her…

I do not understand the need to be different, I am sarcastic but I know that is also a part of the shield. There are tactics which we develop be used in the corporate world and this is one of them. How often and how much is yet to be seen… There are times I  feel people misread, mis judge and mis understand me to a huge extent. Some people are talkative and that is a characteristic or a trademark and does not mean that they are bad listeners. I have different sides to me which make me the woman I am but to understand me , people have to try and look beneath the layers and discover the real me which is only exclusive and selective…

I think when woman exhibit sass it either becomes a turn on or a threat to men, cause they feel challenged to contradict and often do not know how to deal with it. A woman who has a mind of her own and can speak is rare, if she can converse on every topic under the sun it is even more appealing, yet some feel intidimated by it.

So what do you do- do you stop being yourself or stop losing your self and evolve into someone’s pre-conceived image of you?

Everything good comes with a pinch of salt and sometimes maybe a tad bit of spice, it is all upto the way you handle and deal with it..This post might sound feminist but it is something  I have faced a couple of times and thought would share my thoughts as well.


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