Global Perspective, Work Life

Sunday work blues

So I worked this Sunday for almost seven and a half hours, it felt surreal cause at times I wondered if this was what my Sunday would look like..

If I switched on Facebook I could see my cousins reuniting in Chicago, my aunt on vacation in Panama City, my friends at Barcelona and Ibiza, some others on vacation or out for a brunch or party.. What was the difference between me and them, then I realised comparing can only make you feel pathetic and miserable.. So what if I was working on a Sunday , I would make the most of it and have fun at work and put in my best.

“The rainy afternoon, steaming cuppa tea, running into a friend and watching the age old trams ramble by was definitely a mood changer and the best feeling ever, not everything good is expensive and the best things in the world are still felt and not bought!!”

There was a long session of team building, service rules and all that happens in the hospitality department..The next part was the interesting bit, we decided to go to the marketplace cause the restaurant needed a few last minute things and purchase was on the list. Wewalked around for an hour but nothing was open and we decided to head back, that was when I decided to treat my superboss and team to mouthwateringly delicious & famous Biryani at a 75 year old vintage restaurant in the heart of the business district.

So we tucked into sumptuous food after all that hard work and long walk and then decided to call it a day and head back to office. It was another session of team building and staff training and an hour and half before I decided to pack up for the day and head for a Sunday evening gathering at a friend’s place…Finally my day was kind of over, but in the hospitality industry even a moment’s break is a priveledge and something rare and unimaginably precious for those needing it!!!


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