The uncrowned Prince

He was tall, he was fair,

She was gowned in red, those who knew her ceased to dread…

They turned when she walked, someone shamelessly at him cast another stare,

Causing him to unleash his anger raw and bare…

She looked at him with love and care,

She was his to hold and love,

Would he in her discover a treasure trove??


She walked alone on the path beside the hill,

He held her heart’s key while everything around was still…


She read into his misty grey-blue eyes,

She wished she could wipe out every trace of pain or any sighs,

She knew he hated any sort of lies,

She would break if there was reason to say byes….


He stood still on the green meadow,

His face covered by the shadow…

HIs heart was cold, his story would remain untold,

They said he used people to his advantage,

Many a maiden had fallen to his charm,

Only to be thrown out and outcaste of his life without a cry or a distress alarm…


Her eyes held the secrets she only knew,

He would not hurt her or be fake and untrue…


Yet they warned her to be careful,

not fall in his trap of love and be wishful…

He only loved himself, he only cared about his need,

To him love was another act of cowardice or a bond or deed...


Trust did not exist in his vocabulary,

Even while she had fallen for him, everything seemed blurry,

He knew not the extent of her fury,

She was not an ordinary soul,

Loved by Athena, Nike & the daughter of Apollo’s friend,

Even though he was the long lost son of Apollo or in disguise a “fiend”..

She could clash with him word for word,

Slash her ego away without a sword,

After all he was the only one in her life, some say the uncrowned “lord”…

Nobility met destiny,

It was a mix of fatal attraction,

She led him down to an alley of seduction, 

In his hand was a key or maybe an unexpressed dark conclusion…


Without a crown he was her prince,

She looked at him, the pain in his soul made her’s wince…

After all destiny brought their paths together,

Only they knew it would last forever or be now or never….


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