Fatal attraction…

He saw through her fakeness,

They said he was a people maker,

But only he knew he was a “smooth talker”…


He was candid,

At times brutally frank, seeing through her every deed,

For women he felt no emotional need,

It was what caused him utmost despair and brought that feelings that he chose not to express,

He did not want to be the center of everyone’s conversation,

Not land into a sticky treacle like situation..

Some said he fufilled obligation,

But who knew he was above all consideration!!!


Smart , definitely not a chauvinist,

He was someone who was never a pessismist,

They misread him, called him an oppurtunist..

The real side seldom anyone saw,

Few or none could handle him that raw,

After all it took a while to break the ice, if at all and thaw…


He walked into her life without any warning,

She knew he was not another charmer,

There was much beneath the cool armour…


Love was not his cup of tea,

Yet he gave into moments of brevity,

How human was he she wondered,

If at all or not was yet to be seen…


Time had held her captive,

The tide seemed to run out,

Return she would , she knew but when would be a question,

Giving no heed to society’s warning or caution,

She decided to fall in love,

Knowing that he might or might not understand her or cast her aside like a discarded glove..


He had fallen in love before,

she was not heartless or completely sore,

To keep him engaged she would never be a societal “bore”,

If only she knew what he wanted, why and how much more,

Love that was true and filled her core…


She seldom questioned or asked why,

To another he would go and not even lie,

She knew she did not yet fit,

Yet love gave her the confidence to wait,

Love gave her the hope to wait,

After all it was only a matter of destiny when she would meet someone special like him, “her true mate”





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