Detached Knight

He remained unattached and cold,

He was distant, no one understood how his thoughts would unfold..

He was calm,

Yet there was within him a storm brewing..

He detested her lies,

He could see through them and did not ask a series of “why’s”….

He was so detached,

She knew only destiny could twist it’s charm and have them “matched”..

Bits of his life she snatched,

She knew to him she was “emotionally attached”…

Her mind told her no,

Her heart raced and whispered “go”…

She waited till dusk fell,

So that his original form would become fury, wrath and maybe a part of hell..

His attitude remained buried under the layers,

Only she could bring out his arrogance with her defiance,

Could she handle his real form,

Or would she disappear under the weight of his candid charm?

Time had no hold on her,

She remained connected by unseen threads,

His decision could rip her soul apart in shreds….

Yet she would not walk away ,till she faced her deepest fear,

He could shatter everything she held dear,

Knowing that he would never be near,

She waited till she stood in the garden she knew would exist timelessly, under the oak tree there!!!!

Drifting towards her, his signature scent,

Her anger knew no bounds, did she dare vent?

To him she was a number on the face of Earth, no emotions would ever make sense,

Yet she remained rooted in confidence…

A ray of hope she could see in his grey-blue eyes,

Those same eyes that did not tell her any lies!!!!

She waited till he came close,

Her skin was familiar with his touch,

Even though to him she meant nothing much….

He drew her closer with his usual rough manner,

Her brown eyes shattered his controlled will power,

Tearing his eyes away from her, with his cold demeanour,

He  put on his worldy illusionary armour……

Rules applied to none,

She listened to all around her, but followed her own,

Her journey with him was into lands unknown,

She was more than believably real,

If only his heart would not conceal,

Her life would take on a new hue or reel,

To him her arrogance would take a step down and kneel…

 If His true form he did at the stroke of midnight reveal…..

Her knight in shining armour, He was a perfect gentleman,

Beneath the shield existed so much depth,

At his unexpressed pain she could not even in front of the world confess at nights she lay her head & wept,

While he rested his cares on her and  dreamlessly slept…

He had his complications,She did not know  all the situations,

Yet she believed she was destiny’s child,

Time would bring her the knight without the world’s prying sight,

They had over her no hold or might,

In true love there was no wrong or right….


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