It was all hunky dory,

Everyone thought it was the perfect love story…


She was an actress,

he was an actor off stage,

In the limelight it all seemed a perfect act,

No one knew he signed a cold-blooded pact,

Or the “other newcomer” in his life would make an earth-shattering impact….


He loved her,

Some say it was out of fear,

The other one loved him,

Yet she knew to win , she would have to enact,

Or sign a deal unsaid, another blood-filled pact….


She was obssessed,

To some she seemed possessed,

Her love to no-one she confessed,

They thought her life was truly messed….


The game was on again,

Lover or a friend, no gain they said without an ounce of pain,

It took her a lot of will power to stay sane,

Yet the thought of him with another drove her back to being cold & vain….


They said he would use,

Leave her once he was done with the abuse,

Make her mind his remote control, yet her thoughts would with love confuse…


He would only choose,

She was a princess, had nothing to loose,

He did not realise to her “he” was of no “use”…..


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