Global Perspective, People

Mid year thoughts

It  is the sixth month of the year and have so many things to achieve,  a few setbacks and wrong choices won’t dull my sparkle. After all I have besties all over the world and country to steer me back to sense..

Wrong choices, people create a lot of negativity and sometimes are a waste of time and energy, thank goodness eventually you do see through people’s gimmicks and realise they are the wrong people to invest or entrust your time with..There are better things to do, places to see, people to spend time with and definitely a lot to learn from.

Some people think I am heedless and jump into conclusions, so be it, sometimes you cannot change someone’s thinking, no matter what you do and how hard you try to be and do good. You will always be labelled and blamed if something goes wrong,seldom do people recognise you for doing good.


To top it all this and the last month has been culinary experience and a lot of food and tasting, so that sorts a lot out.. To get over heartbreak some girls indulge in chocolate, some retail therapy and some a vacation, I must choose which of the three is the best for me..

Time and tide wait for none and like all chapters some that close lead to new beginnings.


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