The game

The other one told her  “she plays games”,

Sometimes even while changing “names”,

Each and everthing a part of her false schemes and claims…

She was one of his many “dames”…

They said she played “games”..


She knew him barely for a while,

His story touched her sensitive heart, without any guile,

For him she walked that extra “mile”,

Waited & veiled her deepest pain beneath her calm smile…


He had no trust,

She looked lovely in a dress singed with traces of rust..

To him her heart was lost, 

His hand in hers made her logic diffuse..


Her pride,

His joyride,

He was the one to decide,

While they sat and watched her confide,

Soon she would become a standing joke,

After all she has trusted the wrong bloke,

Confided in the wrong friend,

It would be sheer disaster or a confused end…


One watched her make her move, 

The one she loved watched her trip and fall,

They were a part of it “all”,

After all it was a game,

Where nothing remained the same,

She was a newcomer who entered by chance,

But her name would be abused and her comments would lead him to a song and dance…

While in pain she did wince,

He remained the unseen prince…


Relationships were nothing to her,

Popularity and stories were all she made,

His anger was like ice,

He believed she was nothing close to nice,

In fact another of his list of what would be called a “vice”

She had kicked away every piece of his advice…


Her anger was like fire,

She provoked him deep within…

He said he seldom reacted,

She realised he only “acted”…


If only he understood her, he would know it was never a game,

His walking into her life had changed everything, nothing no longer was the “same”…


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