She stood at the edge of the hill,

Holding her heartbeat still…

He waited till her silhouette became a tiny speck,

He knew he could not answer her every beck,

Her love had left him a wreck!!!!


She knew he would arrive,

With his ego intact and alive,

On her love he would never thrive,

His soul was another’s  choice to survive..


There were others involved,

Her love had for him no meaning, no role,

He knew only logic which was driven inside him and hardcore…

Once bitten, twice shy, maybe a lot more,

If only time could drive a wedge or create in him an uproar!!!


She waited with bated breath,

The night brought hope to her lonely soul,

She knew time had a limited role,

If only she understood his motive or goal…


The wind beneath her seemed to rush,

All he needed was a gentle shove or push…


She was his to own,

Yet he did not care, there was another maiden in his territorial zone,

She would always remain lone,

He was the wrong shoulder to cry over,

He was the wrong one to love, it would only lead to rousing desire or smouldering “crossfire”…..


He was restless,

His face after a few pegs calm and intense,

Masked with thoughts within, veiled with logic in every sense,

Yet she seemed to be masked in indifference…

After all she was not a choice or a preference!!!


She was all fire,

He was all ice,

It would need more than spice,

To get them together or break them apart…


Was it a matter of chance they met,

or a game of destiny,

In their paths lay mutiny,

She was not easy to tame,

He seemed tired of every feminine ploy or game,

But once they crossed paths, nothing in their lives remained the same……..


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