He was handsome, a smooth talker,

She was a pretty young thing,

They had what the world thought was another of his so-called fling,

Yet on her finger she never would have a ring…


She fell headlessly in love,

Trusted his stories and believed in his lies,

His whole string of women, never once she asked any whys?


He led her on for a few months,

Untill she realised he was nothing but a string of lies,

His character was not one to be trusted or believed…

To some extent she was relieved..


While the world labelled her a “whore”

She knew she loved him to the core,

But he was and infidel and thought her to be a bore….


She was only another thing,

Leaving him was not an option ,

She broke her world of illusion,

He shattered her every tiny confusion,

With calculated moves and so much precision….

She never wanted his limelight or attention,

He was only an infidel in slow motion…..


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