He knows,

She knows as well,

At night the distance between them seems more than the road to hell…

Her love for him shattered like broken pieces of glass lay pell mell…

The blood has different stories to tell!!!


He woke up with her at his side, I

t wasn’t legal enough, he thought, while she tried…

Underneath the satin sheets she felt used, while her body refused to hide,

She knew she was falling into a pit deep and wide,

While he on the pretext of love took her on a “ride”…


She lay bleeding and torn,

His abuse had on her imprints deep, she hated his deep-seated scorn..

While he switched on the laptop for another round of porn, In her mind she felt naked and forlone…

The other sounded a low intense moan,

While he rolled on the sheets making a fortune,

She danced on the sandy dune,

While the mistress feasted on a meal of the best prune….



His unending mental and physical torture,

Opened her every body part, shredding it and still no sign of a suture,

She waited in vain hoping for a future…


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