His eyes revealed nothing,

Her eyes gave away everything..


He thought she was “all fake”,

She had fallen in love with him while out on a break..


He hated all lies,

She refrained from telling him the whole truth,knowing it might lead to a goodbye…


He was calm,

She always needed a migraine balm..


He was definitely slim, maybe a size 0,

She was high on food and far away from anything close to size 0..


He loved speed,

She hated greed…


He belonged to no one,

She loved the sense of belonging to someone…


He hated attitude,

She believed in being frank at times sounding brutally rude…


He thought she was over the top,

She loved the idea of eating microwaveable candy pop..


He was always fair,

She believed life was a series of dare..


His shirt was white, he wanted to be no girl’s solo knight,

She wore black and loved the silence of the long night…


He walked fast,

She kept pace, afraid to fall out or come last..


If was meant to be, it would last,

Or else it would wrap up , life becoming a “sail mast”…..


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