Urban life

So it’s solo living for a while but laced with interesting experiences, everyday starts on a different note and ends on a different one. Sometimes, rather most of the time people ask me how I manage alone and I wonder and stumble for replies that are most befitting. Sometimes I realise it is better to leave things unanswered and sometimes people are best left clueless.

There is a lot of assumption about a girl living alone by herself and how and why it is not safe, but if it isn’t then is staying with a bunch of strangers. Weird life does throw a gamut of choices but ultimately it is what you choose and how you do that will decide the road map ahead.

Doing a series of cook offs with friends and will see how that goes for a while. Life can get pretty hectic and adapting is the only way of survival.There are situations all of us go through but how we deal with it is important and that shapes who we become or evolve into.


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