Confusion or clarity

Sometimes when I looked at him,

I saw real expressions,

Sometimes it became another figment of my imaginations…


Could I love him with clarity?

Or fall for someone else with better brevity? 

My heart skipped a beat as I realised I touched gravity…


Life was a bundle of choices,

He seemed older by a couple of years,

Divided by wisdom that seemed to cross my fears,

Yet he was torn apart by his misguided “peers”….

Who subject him to many jeers…


He was definitely precise,

Choosing his words that seemed to be concise…


She was lost amidst the turmoil,

To love or not was another choice, he seemed to belong to another soil…


She was loved by many,

Yet he seemed the toughest among so-called company…


He ruled his world with his rules,

Breaking apart all her emotional tools…




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