Love, People, Urban Tales

Drive 2

This time she didn’t take hours to get ready,
He never acknowledged she looked pretty..
The car wound out of her lane,
His humour never dulled, his ego intact & her silence in vain,
His sarcasm drove her at times insane..
The drive was short this time,
He had barely made it, considering it was half past nine,
He decided, he drew the line,
She had kept that bottle of port wine..
He was older,
She was bolder,
He was way more colder..
It began on shaky ground,
No depth, nothing profound..
She knew he had not driven off, after all cars left a trail or a special sound..
If love was what had them wound,
Hope dwelled within her ,after all a light had led her to him, she knew a proof was waiting to be found,
Till then she was on shaky ground…

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