Love, People, Reality, Urban Tales

The white lie

She gave her heart away to him,
Day one he realised she was definitely into him,
He led her on,
She walked with him a mile along,
But her love he said was wrong..

How could love be wrong, wondered the girl,
He said there was a generation if not more of difference between him and her,
He seldom said a lie or used a slur,
That night she knew he would only lie,
Looking at her, he did not even try,
the world did not ask why,
After all she was to blame and sigh…

He was older,
She was younger,
her skin was dark yet not willowed bark..

She was dark,
He said he did not like anything that was not fair,
She knew deep within he pretended not to care,
After all he was not worth a stare,
He had led her on,
Pretending she was not fair, yet a friend for so long…

Love lay apart,
He broke her heart,
After all it was a white lie,
She would never know why she was not worth loving, he did not even attempt a try!!!


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