Life in India, Questions


There are so customs that make me question the hypocrisy of the society I live in, that the older I grow I wonder at it and expect no understanding from anyone cause I will be the odd one out, the one whose trying to set a path & try to find out questions that people rather not understand.

A bunch of things that cross my mind are these:

Why does the rule only apply to women in our society?
Why does she have to leave all that she knows, works in & go to live in a new environment??
Is she the weaker sex or born to follow unquestioningly??

Why is it that a girl’s career is less important than a guy’s?
Why is it presumed that after marriage, the girl follows the guy, wherever he is, giving up all her dreams and aspirations?
It is almost assumed that the girl will relocate to wherever the guy wants to be!!!

Even if it is the same city, it is taken for granted that the girl goes and lives in her husband’s home, with her in laws.. Am not against staying with in laws, it is the automatically presumptive mindset, that I have a problem with! Why can’t it be a mutually thought over decision?

I have no problems with adjusting, adapting, changing & all that, my question is when it’s a lifetime commitment betweem two people why does it begin from us? Any sort of a mutual agreement is a far off possibility!!
Some cultural things are questionable cause forget equality, this is a expectation which as a woman we have to blindly follow & accept!! I wonder if we are opinionated or has education made us think more than that is expected of us?

These are questions that rage in my mind as I see many talented girls/ women leave their families, their jobs, their dreams to follow their better half without asking any questions and then if the equation is not all that good, then what, they are treated as outcastes in society!!


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