Thoughts on Urban Living

Sometimes you look at life around you and realise that it is all indeed the same, people are the same and when under the influence of alcohol they exhibit animal like tendencies, nothing about them is cultured or civilised, you wonder aloud if this is what having fun means and what is the description of having fun.

Manners forgotten, all the things they restrained themselves from doing and carrying out is what they do, this makes you realise that human beings indeed are fake and the society you are living in is warped. I think I have crossed the age of wild parties and have grown out of drinking excessively to a point where I do not know what is happening around me,not that I have ever done something like that except this one instance where I had cashews and french-fries and a tad bit too much of Vodka, the Grey Goose that night collided with the nuts and created much more destruction than I ever witnessed.That was the last time something like that ever happened.

In my graduation days I steered clear of crazy parties,drunk & misbehaved people to a huge extent and now realised I did a good thing. I have no problem with people who drink, but drinking and misbehaving or acting stupid after a few drinks does annoy me to a huge extent, but then the definition of fun is different for people. At parties in the corporate world , people drink to get rid of their stress or forget their bad reviews or performances,some drink just because everyone around is doing the same, it is no different. People are only name-sake adults, the restraint,caution and practiced fake attitude goes for a toss when people are under the influence of alcohol.

The things I find strange & distasteful when drunk people do the following:

  1. Dance with unknown people with very vulgar steps
  2. Forget where they are and start talking loudly using a choice of expletives
  3. Start puking all over
  4. Scream and throw tantrums
  5. Have no recollection of what happened and next day are shocked and pretend they are saints

It is difficult to survive in the corporate world without using expletives or drinking are what most people say,but I realise some old school values are timeless and only make the world a better place, in the absence of these we would be nothing more than animals living in the form of humans.


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