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My new list of likes

I have been thinking about the things I like and realised they are truly the tiny things of life. They are not my Steve Madden heels or my Coach bag nor is my Facebook bottle nor is it my favourite pair of earrings, there is so much more to life. I do love things and have to admit my trips to Mac leave me a with a lighter bank balance. I am a girl after all and at 27 , I love indulging in a pretty dress or a pair of shoes but that is only the beginning. Behind the pretty face or smile there is so much more. I enjoy a sense of humour and hate a dull moment when I do not have anything to do or smile about.

Then I realise that there is more to life than things and my favourite things seem to have changed slightly:

1. Fresh air- to breathe in and feel refreshed

2. Silent meditation- to clear my mind of clutter and think about nothing

3. Home food- to indulge in without worrying about ordering extra or service tax or vat

4. Friends- to understand the ones who mean the world & the ones who I could not care less about

5. Greenery- to surround me & I am blessed with mom who takes care of the garden (yes I still live with my folks & love it because I am back after 5 years, but my love is temporary so I may be on my way out, who knows)

6.Books- are indulgences and treasures and 2 am friends

7. Hot chocolate- is a bliss at anytime of the day

8. Moms- are comfort zones and mine doubles up as a bestie!!

9. Ladybird pillow- had it from my 16th birthday & cannot sleep without it

10. Knick-knacks- i have this curious collection of things from all around the globe and they travel wherever I go..

11. Smiles- I value them on the people around me and try to ensure they stay there but I love making strangers smile as well, sometimes it is nice to do something for someone who will never be able to meet u or give u anything back

This list is only growing and I can’t but think of it during my grey moods and dark phases. I realise that there are more causes to celebrate than feel sorrowful and mournful about.I think of my favourite things & then I do not feel so bad (Quoting my favourite song from the Sound of Music- I absolutely loved the movie as a child and still do watch it whenever i get a chance, some things never change and this is a favourite movie with my favourite star cast & songs)


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