Destiny, Life, Reality Bites, Urban Trysts

Ode to a dear friend‬!!!!

There are somethings which I wish I did not have to write or even talk about, but strangely through the last couple of years, writing has healed me and set me whole. It helps me come to terms with grief or even vent more out and create a connection between words and me that ultimately strike a change in me.

There are days,
And there are ways…
They say time heals,
They say time helps you forget,
They say it wipes regret…

Yet I wish with u I had more time,
Another cup of coffee,
Another glass of wine,
Another Hollywood movie,
Another chat session….

Everything about u was different,
Never a show off or one to flaunt..
If only we knew the future,
We would have spent more time with u,
But ur in a better place,
Hoping ur watching over our race,
We’ll do our bit & join u someday,
Till then I hope ur a star in t sky & lead the way!!


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