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It is all in the head

There is nothing such as perfect.It is a notion that exists in our head.Yet all of us quest to find perfection in our lives,partners,work,homes,relationships,clothes and what not.

Perfect hair,perfect make-up,perfect outfit- check -A day in the life of a celebrity

But hang on- the media and paparazzi can raze that perfection to imperfection in seconds..

Perfect job,perfect presentation,perfect power dresser-check

Wait, a client yelling at her for the mistake she did not commit can change her perfectly done tasks to errors and goodness knows what else..

Perfect family,perfect children,model husband-check

One lipstick stain on his shirts and bills for Louboutins she never wore destroyed the ten-year perfect marriage…

Perfect dad,perfect son,perfect employer-check

One heart attack took him time to realise it was time to slow down and give in to aging..

So why hunger and thirst for perfection, why walk on paths that eventually are modeled on images that exist only in our head, no one tells you what a model goes though while walking on the ramp or those hours with sore feet practicing those steps, no one tells you the sacrifice the father makes with his sleep schedule to make it to his son’s soccer match and the meeting at work on time.

There are everyday heroes who struggle with odds and imperfection and get judged and labelled in a few seconds , after all it is perfect to judge someone!!!


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