Global Perspective, Life, Thoughts


At times I feel the need to just breathe,

Soak in the sunshine and air and feel alive,

Remind myself I am human and just 27..

Age is a number and in my head I feel 40..

I am not cynical or sarcastic,

I wish I did not have to be responsible, but then I never can be erratic…

I am a girl who just wants to fly,

Yet deep within me I have responsibilities and take a deep sigh…

No one asks me how it went,

They all think I am superwoman of sorts,

Handle it all with an invisible wand that will never fall short…

I wish I only had the space to be me,

To breathe and soak in ,

Understand life and be happy in my own skin,

If only being selfish was not a sin…

If only space was not a constraint,

And I could be me….


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