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What not to do if you are a friend!!!

What to do if you call yourself a good friend,

Pick up the phone and call her to let her know you’re stuck in a bend.


What not to do if you still want to be a friend,

Not have had the time to call her back, or even your ear to lend,

Instead sent her a mail and asked her if it is urgent at her end???


What to do if you are a close friend,

If you have accompanied her, do have some courtesy to wait till the end of the meal, not rush out to meet your spouse in the middle with utmost zeal.


What not to do to your so-called bestie,

Order food and walk out before the order is delivered at your table,

After all she is always still an option or shoulder to lean on that will be available!!!


What you do to your close friend,

Is none of my business , care or concern,but as they do I also will share a little bit of unsolicited “advice”,

Where you head with life is sometimes not a defined end,

There is sometimes and more often an interrupted bend,

Yet take the time to make a call and know you are still her wall,

Or else someday you will realise she is no longer around to even answer that “call”…



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