Life in India, Reality Bites

Martyrs-Unsung Heroes

Sometimes when I lie awake at night,

I know I am safe and tucked in all right..

Miles away someone is looking out for me,yet I know I barely can see…


We barely see or do enough,

For those men who fight with all they have to protect us,

To take care of our citizens

We after all are the urban elite, we only talk and discuss,of course debate,

Without ever thinking that their lives pass in slow motion to stall and avert dangers..

After all we are comfortable in our homes,

We are comfortable leading lives that are focussed on our needs and meeting them,

It is easy to dismiss others as not our domain or realm…


I sometimes wonder,

If our father or brother was a martyr ,

Would we be still be as unconcerned & dismiss it as a other??

Or stop to discuss with another,

Or focus on ourselves without a care or bother??


Everyday passes in a blur,

I know I cannot even remember a single name without Google to aid me,

After all they are not celebrities who fill pages in tabloids,

They were ordinary men who simply fulfilled the call to duty,

And they will hung on walls as photographs,

Or remain in cold tombs without any epitaphs…

After all unsung heroes only did “their duty”!!!






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