Late Twenties realisations

There are so many things and changes of all sorts that take place in the latter part of the twenties. I try and understand some of it,but sometimes I feel like it is too much to take, even familiar people end up causing you more pain and you feel lost amidst known people. I wonder what is the larger purpose of existence, the friends we went to school or college,tied bands for , spent time with, some/most of them seemed to have disappeared without a trace. Girls that had their head full of dreams and made so many promises seemed to be a part of a photo archive.

I did not realise that growing up meant lonelier days in the city, working crazy nights and meeting deadlines and in the process slowly forgetting those around you and becoming history. I did not realise that I would have to deal with calls not being returned, messages without replies or even mails, everything would change.

I did not realise that in the process of living, people would forget to exist, politics,economics and so many other issues would occupy their lives and minds, all of a sudden the divisions would seem endless and infinite. The barriers would cross more than that I anticipated or ever thought I would have to deal and friendship would be a changed equation.There will more I have to share in this space and it is all in my head, am waiting to pen it all down and write about it.


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