Indian women, Life, Reality Bites

To be or not to be

We are taught to dream big, think positively and take on the world with open arms. Atleast that is what I thought in school despite a few episodes here and there, I was always questioning and itching to get out of the walls and grow up, little did I realise that was possibly one of the safest places I could have ever been in.

As young girls we read novels, played sports, debated,argued and took part in all sorts of extra-curricular activities, there was barely any time to waste and nothing seemed short of a challenge. Birthdays meant sharing sweets with friends and wearing coloured clothes, it was an opportunity to look different and stand in assembly feeling special from within.School was strict but it was fun and there were all sorts of fun things that happened like the time I got hair accessories and hid them because I did not want to chop my locks off or the extra piercing that caused my principle to raise her eyebrows and me running to take it off.

Those days flew and soon we were in college, at work and taking decisions and opening bank accounts and doing all sorts of things.The one thing that stayed was dream big, but that was interrupted as we realised the world around is not the same. There are people who will letch and stare even while you are at crossing,running or at a grocery store, you have to keep pretending it does not exist at all or you do not care at all about it.But even beyond that there exists a sense of space and things that all of us want to do,yet as a woman it is a struggle everyday to choose and make choices that are relevant and meaningful without loosing a sense of oneself or who one aspires to be.


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