Destiny, People, Questions, Urban Trysts

Walk away

Walk away when things go wrong,

You know your head is still wrapped within a song..

You have cut every chord loose,

Held yourself together yet gotten too stuck in  a rut..


Sometimes walking away is not a choice,

You know it is painful and so does your little inner voice.


When you break free of a relationship that you have held so close,

Suddenly you realize you are lonely and cold, feel solitary in the world,

Your wings seem to no unfurl,

After all you have chosen to let go all the feeling,

You feel like staying in to read a book under the light and curl under a blanket

Stay away from all that question you or your existence,

Will you let the world affect?

You and your being

Or choose to walk away and preserve the tiny part of you,

Which does not know what holds true,

Walks away without a remote clue,

Knowing maybe this is the only way to heal and get out of the blue.


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