Destiny, Reality Bites, Urban Tales

Heart Tales

The heart asks a lot,maybe wants a lot,

but is in reality quite lost..

There are times when letting go is not a choice, it is the only option,

Yet the heart stops to let us think and pause,rather than ask one more question.


I wish I knew the solutions to heartaches and breaks,

There is no book that has the answers,

The twenties are all about losing and learning, but everytime a loss takes a toll,

Till you realise they are just chapters in your life’s scroll.


Maybe someday I will understand what and how,

For now I want to bury my head in a pillow,

sink in and sleep dreamlessly,

But reality waits to haunt me relentlessly

Sounds of silence fill my head

I know I cannot stop or loose myself yet, there is so much to do and yet the pain grips me and I wonder how much more can my heart break,

Maybe it will eventually heal and realise even this dark phase is and was not a big deal!

Till then I must control the urge not to cry or randomly break down,

I must control my emotions and not give in to sorrow,

telling and reminding myself there is a better tomorrow.

I must keep on doing all the mundane things of life,

Knowing only I have the ability to make a choice and stop my tears,

I cannot give in to uncontrolled fears,

Maybe someday this will be a passing phase,

In the chapter of life just another that remained unfinished and a maze.


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