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If it does not fit in, get out!!

Sometimes our lives are like that, take the example of my shoe wardrobe, I would love to own a pair in every colour but I do not because there is always something or the other that I want or buy.

We girls have a long list of wardrobe must haves and this is probably my own personal additions as well:

  1. White shirt/tank top
  2. Blue well fitted jeans
  3. Colour denims- if you like colour
  4. Black dress- short or long-whichever length you are comfortable with
  5. White dress
  6. Dupattas/stoles/scarves – different colours and made with different fabrics
  7. Silver jewellery/junk jewellery
  8. Kitten heels
  9. A nice pair of flats
  10. Ethnic wear
  11. A smart well fitted jacket
  12. Shorts/hot pants

Just like the clothes or other things in our wardrobe which we do not like which we discard. I also am applying the same principle to our friends or relatives, if they do not fit in , then they definitely add to the nuisance value and hence it is appropriate to discard them, but dealing with them tactfully is a different ball game all together..


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