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Everything seemed too good to be true,

You walking down the street with your brown leather jacket,

While I chatted away on my phone waiting for you,

It seemed like a dream come true.


Time flew while you drank whisky and I sipped on my gin tonic,

I did not realize with you there would be a cause to panic.


Soon we headed for a take away dinner on your black motorbike,

While all my assumptions about you seemed to take a hike.

Nothing seemed amiss or gave me a reason to think there was behind those black eyes so much treason,

I stayed on thinking you would get to know me better,

Little did I know you were a player.

Every night was about different bait,

I had fallen for the oldest of love game,

Thinking you were special and not the same.


You would rip a part of me, make sure it broke,

Leave me to discover your unsaid truths on social media,

All the while for you I was another pretty target,

I thought it was you that was playing hard to get,

You would leave my head full of regret,

I would not trust brown leather jackets and black eyes,

After all your head and life was full of living lies.


I remember that monsoon night,

Not you but your lies and deceit.

Someday when I look back at this chapter,

I will ensure it not so easy to break my heart or understand the real me.

I will play a game of hide and seek,

Unlike you I will have more confidence while hiding behind a mask,

After all for an intelligent girl like me it is not a rather difficult task.


I realise nothing is as good as it looks and every chapter has a blot,

In your page of life I was an insignificant dot.

Someday in my head it will merge and get out of the sticky spot,

when I believe everything you were about was more than just rot.


2 thoughts on “Masks”

  1. Based on a true experience I presume? Life is full of such acts, masks, treason and pits. One only has to learn the first time and not fall into the same trap again – either by entirely avoiding it or by steeling yourself to the rugged, thorny path of life.

    1. Not really,sometimes not everything is an experience, sometimes we view life from another’s perspective. You can avoid a lot or fall into a trap or walk into one not realising there are masks you are dealing with.

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