Unravelling complicated

So meeting people online then going on dates with them are quite interesting and pretty unusual. This is a firsthand report of a close friend’s date. She expected nothing much or special but the evening turned out to be interesting and the outcome she says was complicated. Complicated is such a common word in most people’s dictionary. It can be used to describe everyday situations and relationships and sometimes maybe term something difficult “complicated”. So why am I writing about this because this girl thought she had met her version of Prince Charming till she realized she was in a waiting list in his life. Then she realized she did not want to be anyone’s half girlfriend or love or an option. Basically sometimes it takes a bad date to realize that most people wear masks and label them as complications. So this guy had a steady girlfriend for the last decade or so and was happy that way, he did not care much about anything and obviously she was a last minute option in his life. He would never dump his steady girlfriend for a date whom he barely met online and he seemed too true to be good or real. When I heard her sharing this experience with me my red alert was on and I realized that trusting someone on a first date would not be the most ideal to do.

The guy apparently when confronted via messages has requested to meet sometime and then explain his “complicated status”. Well I told my friend, tell him there is no other time, you are not meeting him anymore and getting into a part of his complications.

How did the online space change our lives, did it bring in increasing infidelity and choices or did it mean we had more to try and meet? Are there risks involved and people two-timing? Why do people hide behind masks? Does online dating give people a higher sense of security?


There will be more posts on this since I have been through something similar and been in a flip-flop situation for 6 months and then realising the hard way that this would not go anywhere.


2 thoughts on “Unravelling complicated

  1. Bang on target! Well, my opinion is that polygamy and infidelity have always been hidden in probably some dark recess of the human psyche. It’s just that, yes, online dating platforms have made it really easy to discover and connect with other possible options – be it for the long-term, short-term or even a one-night stand. In fact, I’m quite sure that the advent and transformation of online dating has significantly increased the dark traits of human character – excessive libido, infatuation and short-term pleasures. Masks are only a means to satisfy this dark craving that has always been there in most humans.

  2. True, well said. I am not against polygamy nor do I have anything personally against infidel people, but when it involves people close to me I am forced to deal with it and take a stand.In her case if the guy had been honest he would have told her that the relationship was a one night stand and nothing else and not labelled his life as complicated and treated her so shabbily. People go to great lengths to build their image on social media and apps they go to great lengths to hide themselves.

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