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Notes to myself

I am much more than just a daughter,friend/buddy,colleague/co-worker,sister and so on and so forth. Everytime I spread my wings to fly I realise there are so many who are waiting to clip my wings. I realise it is easy to flow with the tide and loose my sense of identity or get bullied into accepting what someone else has thought for me, however staying true to who I am is important and probably a defining moment in my life.

Couple of lessons I learnt in the last few months:

  • Trust your instincts,they always warn you
  • There are some things which are not controlled
  • There are people who will cause you grief,avoid or ignore
  • Develop a thicker skin and do not be sensitive about the wrong comments
  • Some people are dumb
  • There are always going to be reactions when you wear make-up
  • Choose your battles
  • Choose your share of complications
  • Indulge in icecream, it is the solution for most problems
  • Work out and have a trimmer waistline (this is work in progress)
  • Relationships will change and fade, very few will remain
  • Be flexible and embrace change
  • Do not fall for chocolate brown eyes or black ones

There are no rules to doing what you can get done with,but there always ways to be nicer,kinder,compassionate yet not get walked all over and taken for granted. It is allright to be good at what you do and love talking about your work, but it is not allright to fit in because someone thinks you should be something else or their version of perfect or nice. There are never any books that tell you how to deal with crisises at work, in your personal life or with your family and friends, you will learn the ropes by dealing with each situation and not giving up on yourself in the process is vital.

I realised there will a lot who will not be happy with my choices or way I do things and work but that is allright,sometimes you cannot make every single person happy,no matter what you do and how hard you try.





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