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Urban Chronicles

Yesterday I got admonished by a friend’s mother for not being married yet, well the hints were extremely subtle, considering that I had gone to meet my friend after 11 years.The lady of the house proudly introduced me to her husband stating: ” Dekho ji iski bhi shaadi nahi hui hai”.I did not know whether to laugh out aloud or smack her imaginarily in my head, I decided I had enough of her patronising attitude and walked out.I also realised affluence does nothing to change mentalities or deep seated social stigmas. She was on a mission to let me know the importance of marriage and how her elder daughter was “happily settled” in Calcutta.

Next time if I do ever visit my friend I am planning to gift her a bunch of personalised “happily unmarried collectibles” 

Today I got inbox messages from a dear friend in New Jersey on how important it is to hold on your identity and keep soaring high and why it is important for our partners to respect us for who we are.Well we had a great discussion on our changing urban lives and I cannot wait to meet her after 10 long years.She taught me all the Maths I needed for my board exams and now reminded me how important it is to hold on to my identity,take a deep breath and be me!!

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