Global Perspective, People, Reality, Thoughts


Every day the papers scream out hate,

The numbers I can no longer debate.

Today it is France, yesterday it was Dhaka, a month ago it was Brussels,

My heart is wounded and in tussles..


I live miles away from the crime scene; the headlines speak back to me,

I know my soul is free,

Sometimes I wish I could scream and wish away the hate,

I cannot reason why there is so much of outrage.


I realize we need to love,

Maybe show more grace from above.

How do we fight people?

We as a society have created monsters of all sorts,

Today our own are killed and there is nothing else we can do except watch as a kind of last resort.


I see friends on social media sharing how they were lucky to be safe amidst an attack,

Everytime my mind says an unheard prayer,

There is a wave of hurt, pain and anger that engulfs me,

Pain is not easy to live with or get by,

Someday there may be no time to say a last goodbye.


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