Reality, Thoughts, Urban Trysts


She blossomed into an exotic person,

Atleast they told her that,

She was hard to comprehend or understand,

Yet her touch made them crave more,sometimes worse than the strongest aphrodisiac.


Very few dared to trespass,

Some could never understand the magic that was trapped in those brown eyes,

Some thought the plain Jane was not really worth a second glance,

They did not know she did not even give them a chance.


She bloomed as the days went by,

Those who left her regretted and wondered why,

Some let out an unheard sigh.


Time went by, slowly they realised she was a wildflower,

Not subject to pruning by society,

Nor did she adhere to any notions of grooming, she was a fiery beauty,

They left their wives to seek her out,

They left their homes just to try and sip the nectar that flowed from her,

But she did not belong to them,

They tried hard to attract her with gifts and then reconciled knowing they would never be able to,

Some left,some wept,

They could not own the magic in her wild soul,

only touch parts of it in hope that they would be happy,

The more they encountered her they forgot their real worlds,

She led them away fearlessly and walked away,

After all wildflowers never belonged to anybody…


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