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Random thoughts on a Tuesday

On some days despite being in a crowd,despite being surrounded by people, my soul is lost. There are some days when I am spaced out and often thinking of trying to finish a hundred things and yet my mind wanders. Do you wonder why that happens?

It is like being in a place and yet flying a hundred miles away and wishing for things differently. I am wishing that there was much more peace in my city and country and then the world at large, is that too big a wish, is  it too big a dream? I am wishing for better financial prudence but 2 flea markets this month did nothing to that resolve, I must start saving and using less of my credit card.

There were 2 birthdays at my workplace, it led me to discover a tiny store in the neighbourhood and find some unusual gifts for the people concerned.There are things happening in life that make me ask a lot of questions and wonder why adults are so complicated.

Besides all this I have managed to read a few books and get ahead on that, so that is progress of some sort. My writing has taken off in fits and starts, the book idea lies inside my head but cue cards may help.

Yesterday I sort of spoke my mind aloud to a friend and told him how easy and privileged his life has been and from then on we are not on speaking terms, well I wonder honestly why people ask difficult questions and expect easy answers.

I am not heading to Calcutta this time for the festival and staying in Bangalore, the tickets are hugely overpriced and the work load is never ending. I must toast to finishing a year at my current workplace successfully despite a million obstacles and hurdles in my personal life. No one told me the twenties would be full of so many hurdles and discoveries.



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