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Friendship Tales

At 22 I met you,
We laughed shared jokes,
You broke my heart & I broke yours,
Sometimes knowingly. Sometimes unknowingly..

Yet we never stopped being friends…

It’s like the other night we were walking through Park Street debating about which restaurant to dine in,
Or driving through New town wondering how our city was changing its skylines….

We debated,
Sometimes we argued,
Over biriyani or chicken Hakka noodles,
You laughed at me cause I could never finish my drink,
Till we decided to stop being friends,
Our careers and lives took importance,
We found excuses not to spend time..

Probably we were both volatile,
You waited,
I walked,
Yet the pace never seemed to match,  We stopped sharing jokes,
We stopped sharing music,
We stopped composing songs,
Not realising our souls were eternally connected,
And distance was not the villain,
It was the ego within us….

Today while you heal, all I can send you is hope, love, healing, positivity and wish that smile and voice once again start singing, after all you are the eternal optimist…

So many memories, so much to say but nothing more than wishing you the best of everything and today I choose health over everything else for you …


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