November Diaries

November is a magical month, I can hear the whispers of the trees as they share secrets with the wind while the sky tries to eavesdrop…No I have not gone nuts, I believe in nature and her magic and this is a special month, I love the dawn of winter and the cool atmosphere all around. I love wearing jackets and scarves and layering.But there is more to November, she reminds me of the year that is about to end and all the things I have accomplished or have not achieved.

Living it up the last few days I was struck by cold,but now that is behind me so there is more to life.

November 1- spent at home reading and watching movies on Hallmark Romance

November 2- Worked, wrote, watched a movie

November 3- Caught up with a school friend after work and listened to some terrible karaoke, at a point I wanted to run out and forget I had ever heard the song ” everything I do I do it for you”, shocked her by my narrations of tales and then felt lost in bits as she admonished me, checked instagram feed

November 4- Came a bit late to work cause of medicines and brandy..a girl must have a little fun..Sent a gift to a friend/old neighbour and read some really nice things online,have to work on writing deadlines

There is so much to do yet the time does not seem enough for everything, have to get rid of junk and clutter as soon as possible.Plus get some important documents sorted before the year ends.




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