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Single Thoughts

Everything about the season screams for companionship or family or friends. I stumbled on an article that spoke about the loneliness and depression millennials went through during this phase and the pressures that they faced in their life to keep up a social buzz or appearance.

Someone who is single has no invites or is left to fend for themselves at a social event and treated as a lesser mortal. It is almost as if the season is only about events with couples or people with partners, the single man or woman either gets a last minute pity invite or is left out of all group events. It is strange that togetherness, companionship is such highly emphasised on, that people forget that the season is about looking after those who have no one to share their holidays with.

I am blessed with friends and family who respect my space and yet find time to spend the holidays together with me. But what if I was truly lonely during the holidays and without a partner or a special someone like my current state, would I be still invited to get-togethers or left out?

The season perhaps is marketed towards community spirit and building and that is advocated strongly. But the change is evident and eventually there will be a better single’s club one hopes to come together and celebrate their singlehood or single spirit.


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