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Life on & off Social Media

Yesterday two of my favourite girl pals came over for dinner and both had extremely long days at work despite we managed to catch up. Obviously there was a lot of conversation about lives and how to manage and deal with personal lives and where to draw the line between personal and professional etc. Then we were talking about how it is impossible to not to have our lives speculated since the advent of social media, how many filters can one use and how friend requests pop up from people who do not even remotely know us or are connected in any way. How do we avoid difficult people at work who copy our display picture from whatsapp and in a way cyber bully and stalk us, the conversation ranged from meeting impossible and shameless people at work. For some of us who have lives beyond work there is no innate need to showcase every aspect of our life, if we post it means we truly love sharing the photograph or post, we rarely post something we do not believe in. But then that is a select few of us on social media.

I realised over the years I have seen so much on social media- breakups, divorce and changes in relationships that there is truly sometimes nothing to seen. Yet I love the social media world, it connects me instantly with my loved ones across the country and world who I cannot meet easily. I finally after all these years have sort of possibly struck a balance and managed to filter out people who do not matter to me. The changes in personal lives reflect on social media in a strange sort of manner which makes me wonder about the complexity of relationships. Some of the people I know from school or college were seeing other people and had posts of the ex-es till then married someone else and all the trace disappeared, some head over heels couples vanished overnight. The changes could be visible, some chose to deactivate accounts or remove any evidence and make fresh starts. Meanwhile the speculation never ends. Just recently I saw a high society butterfly who comes from a wealthy background flaunt her photographs in Thailand while on vacation with her current flame, earlier posting holiday photographs pre-wedding would be a taboo, now it is competing about who can holiday in which part of the world and take photographs with their baes. There are some who refuse to take any photograph and keep the world guessing yet spend holidays travelling across the world to meet the love of their life.

The pressures of the millennial generation to keep up with the social media world is a lot and people are ready to share holidays, coffee meetings and date nights actively yet very few post about what happens beyond that in a relationship. There are complexities involved in a relationship and many fail the test of time, sometimes it is about compatibility, sometimes money or sometimes nothing more than just families that do not see eye to eye. I see so many posts of date nights and the hashtags that prop up, I find it amusing at times that one must advertise so much on social media to keep upto a certain image, on the other hand I know couples who hit five stars for dates and have no photographs or evidence of the same, after all some mystery is what keeps them going.

On that note while I reflect about my social life online and offline I wonder how many more will succumb to pressures or stop looking for treasures..

Ending this post with a favourite quote:

“To be or not to be”


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