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My list of Goals for 2017

  1. Generic Goals
  2. Breathe more and to bloom where I am planted…
  3. To keep reading more
  4. Learn something new
  5. Travel, travel and more travel- last year was discovering lesser known places in the country
  6. To pray more, perhaps it is my way of soothing my soul


  1. Shopping Goals
  2. To give away things I do not need or recycle them
  3. To shop less, last year was heavy on my shopaholic soul
  4. Plan my gift shopping wisely


  1. Loving Life Goals
  2. To love more deeply perhaps rediscover myself
  3. To laugh often and celebrate life with loved ones


  1. Connections and meeting people
  2. To connect more deeply
  3. Spend more time with elderly and listen to them
  4. Spend time with those who need my time


  1. Fitness and Health
  2. To work on my fitness and go for long runs and walks
  3. To get up early and go everyday for a walk
  4. To eat right
  5. To be more organised food and work wise
  6. Hit the spa more frequently
  7. Go running on weekends


  1. Reuse and recycle
  2. To take stock of existing things
  3. To buy less and use less


  1. Writing Goals
  2. To be more focussed towards my writing
  3. To work on my book
  4. To write more from my soul


  1. Hobbies/passions pursue
  2. Find myself back into dance or music


  1. Art extracurricular activities
  2. To watch more plays, concerts & performances
  3. To indulge in things I like- poetry gatherings


  1. Digital Detox
  2. To limit my Facebook time
  3. To take time out from the digital world and soak in nature


  1. Friendship Goals
  2. Keep in touch with those who I have not in 2016
  3. Choose wisely
  4. Keep close friends connected
  5. Revive friendship
  6. Send cards and wishes on time

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