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Love on Marine Drive

Everytime you look,

I skip a heartbeat,

Everytime you pass me by,

I wonder why

You do not stop to look,

To love me the way only you can, after all it was love that you took!


You took love out of friendship,

Left me on the Marine Drive to trip,

While all I wanted to do is bury my head in your shoulders and forget the world,

You were scared to call me your own,

Yet you were not ashamed to offer me friends with benefits,

It seemed like a credit card shopping offer,

Where you were the stake holder and winner,

While the world would label me a sinner!


Your white shirt and smile stayed locked in my mind,

Everytime  I walk on that Marine Drive, it seems to remind,

Yet I know I cannot ever love a coward, somewhere love was all you took,

And I walked away without a second look!


12 thoughts on “Love on Marine Drive”

      1. I read the link you sent in the comment, it is pretty real and well put, thank goodness you put it out there, all though I have crossed the college phase, I still meet these nincompoops every once in a while.

      2. Hahaha! Exactly! This is an article written for college freshman females, but it applies to upperclassmen and single women everywhere….lol…
        Thank you so much for taking out time to check out my article! I really appreciate it!

      3. It is well written and a huge warning as to know what to expect, because often we have starry eyes while being in college and do not know what really lies ahead. Keep the ink flowing, more power to you..

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