Indian women, Life in India, Reality, Thoughts, Urban Trysts

My fury

My fury,

My anger,

My angst,

My rant,

My thoughts,

My outrage,

My life seems like a performance on a stage!


My walks,

My voice,

My love, my choice,

My opinion,

My resolution,

My head on my shoulders,

My hiding behind those pillars and breaking societal moulds like boulders!


My pain,

My refrain,

I am vain,

My red lipstick,

My hurt, my prick,

Can make you tick??


My party,

My laughter that is hearty,

Anxiety that leaves me thinking you are dirty,

What you label as “flirty”?


My questions,

My living,

My sofa or bed,

The woman you dread..


I do not want you or your sympathy,

I want to breathe without you looking at my chest,

Without being thrust upon like a rag doll,

or crumble under your weight.

I want my life without resorting to fear or flight just like you do!






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