My thoughts on Meryl Streep’s speech

Here is the link to the speech that she made at the Golden Globes this year. It is important as a celebrity and a public figure to make choices that have an impact. Violence incites violence and so does hate and the spiral is only downward. Often as women we put up with hateful talk and violence and dismiss it as everyday behavior. Violence cannot become a tool of everyday behavior nor can it passed forward, somewhere we need to realize what is violent talk and more so in the current times with the change of power in America. I never thought I would live to see misogyny being celebrated and so assertively and forcefully that it seems ugly and fake but then there is more to life I remind myself.

Meryl’s speech is a remark on how the times will change and possibly there will be more trials for women across the world and in the States and how the media should boldly continue ensuring that it gets reported. I face so many instances as an Indian woman that sometimes I often think I must be made of something really strong that can continue living fearlessly and dealing with what life has to offer. Violence against women whether in a marriage or at the workplace or while commuting is not uncommon. There are people from different places that reside in towns and cities and the feeling of belonging often becomes an insider and outsider question. This is one point in Meryl’s speech that is striking, her reference to things and how she views Hollywood as a bunch of outsiders who act in roles and if they are taken away there would be no Hollywood. It is rather pertinent considering the context and relevance of the current times.

We must stand up everytime we get violated as individuals or as a community cause if we do not speak out, no one will and we will be forgotten voices. Our freedom and voices will be questioned and stiffled but giving in or up should never be a choice or option.



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