Single- To be or not to be

Part 1

3 takeaways from my recent Calcutta trip:

1. Marriage is an important question everyone is curious about the minute they spot a single, eligible person!
2. Weight is on everyone’s mind and yet they tell you that you have not eaten enough mishti when you visit them!
3. Choosing a career that is different is a cause of concern cause they do not see the economic viability!

Part 2

A lot of people have said the statements I made are not just relevant to a particular city but rather are similar all over the country. I don’t disagree that each one can have an opinion or debate on city and thought and people. I understand it’s also a sudden need to protect their own city and defend it which is good in a way, all of us have our fights and choose sides in a debate.
My connect with cities go beyond superficial levels perhaps because of my perceptive nature. Based on what I have seen or experienced in the last few years, I possibly have an utopian dream of a day when a single woman in this country :
1. Can hold her head high
2. Not be mocked at
3. Not be made to feel guilty for being single
4. Not made to be felt like a burden on the rest
5. Not made to be felt different because she is single by choice
6. Not spoken behind her back and labelled weird
7. Not shunned by couple’s clubs or uninvited to events that are deemed unsuitable for her
8. Not treated as reject goods and looked upon with sympathy

As the country gathers fervour around Valentine’s Day, I look for romance in the blue sky as I stepped out for lunch, I find my own definition of the word “romance” and hold it close to me. Unless I have what my grandparents did, romance will be a bookish notion, perhaps a vague definition of sorts for me.


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