Indian women, Life in India, Reality

That Meeting

When they met after what seemed to her like a long time,

He drove up to her house, he was punctual and calm..

She studied him as she stepped into his Silver car quietly,

She smiled awkwardly not knowing what to say or do..

He smelt great just like she remembered,

He was in a hurry to get to a bar,

She smiled as she told him she wasn’t familiar with the city..

He chose and she was happy to lean back into the seat and soak in the drive.


She told him she wished he had taught her how to drive and he smiled again,

She still felt breathless and giddy while talking to him,

Possibly because a part of her never stopped loving him or wanting him.

She knew he had no dearth of women in his life,

Yet he drove to meet her and that was a ray of light for her.


After all he did not ask any questions or want any answers,

She wanted someone who was distant yet a friend,

Everything about that car was familiar and his presence filled up the space between them.


They reached the lounge bar and there was a crowd for parking,

He gave his car keys for valet parking because he needed a drink,

Everything else he did not have the patience for,

She stepped out of the car, ignored the wedding party and headed for the bar.

Scenes of familiarity hit her as soon as she entered the place,

She remembered sitting on the bar stool and eating fries with her drinks,

He remembered nothing, asked her where she wanted to sit and walked on,

While she seemed to be lost in memories of them..


It had been hardly a few minutes since they ordered in their drinks,

His school friend entered and there was camaraderie in the air,

She smiled as she saw his relaxing and talking non-stop off guard,

She wanted him to be happy and enjoyed his company..


It was a sort of fatal attraction where he had nothing to offer and she had everything to lose,

Would fate let her choose?

Or would she disappear in a list like the others,

Only time would tell her if she was chance or a choice!


Time had calmed her down,

Robbed her of expectations,

Left him with falsely placed trust and its implications..

Yet life had thrown them together again!



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