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My post about Fat Shaming

For all those of who aren’t a perfect size or have put on weight.
I guess at some point you will hear statements like, ‘ Oh you should loose weight to look attractive!’, ‘Oh what are you eating you seem to have become really fat?’, ‘Oh how much weight you have put on, you are becoming healthy.’ ‘People will stop asking you for dates if they see you unappealing.’ etc etc etc..

Fat to fit is a journey and a learning curve for me in the twenties which hasn’t been a smooth sail which I am aware of and a series of choices that I am perfectly capable to make.

So let me put it out there loud & clear:
1. I don’t use your salary to buy my dinner.
2. I am pretty aware of my body type and know if I have to loose or gain weight.
3. No I am not touchy or sensitive about something that is entirely my concern and needs no judgement or statement from you.
4. Also if that’s the first thing that is on your mind when you see me, then that I see is a potential problem!!
5. Lastly I don’t care but your opinions don’t need to be in my face either.



4 thoughts on “My post about Fat Shaming”

  1. although i dont celebrate holidays anymore, it would be great to have a day where everyone that liked curvy women wore some particular kind of flower or something, so that one could go outside and look at all the people that appreciate them for who they are.

    this is a lot easier than convincing people to welcome every compliment they receive on their figure. no matter how much i would enjoy that, it will never happen.

    1. I know what you mean, this post is not a critic or a retaliatory one. I wanted to send out a message that there are people in all sizes, we know what works for us and isn’t working, continuous fat shaming is not acceptable. In India fat people are made fun of at various social circles, often in gatherings and even publicly through stand up comedy, similarly extremely skinny people also get the comment that they are too skinny and should eat well. As a society we need to accept every size is normal and there is no perfect size as long as one is healthy and fit.

      1. i love indian culture and indian people. today i read how a girls life can be ruined if she doesnt meet the expectations of the family she marries into. that makes me very sad. this comment about how overweight indian women are treated makes me very sad too. i hope you always feel beautiful. if you dont, i hope you learn to. नमस्ते

      2. Thank you for your kind words. I do love my culture and celebrate it, but as I grow older I cannot be averse to the parts that are ugly and false and those that need to be called out. Skin colour, weight, marriage, freedom are some of the issues that affect so many women across the country, unless we realise as a society we will not change. A step at a time, I am grateful you stopped by and read my post. Light and love to you. Namaste

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