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Resistance through choices- Series 1

Fueled by passion,
With an appetite for risk,
Looking for the extra in ordinary,
Walking on a path not taken by many,
Driven by the need to make a change,
Harnessed by determination that is fierce to shake,
Discarded by the world for not making their standard of enough..
Her script of life will never be someone’s else’s choice or story..

Unsettled and with a hunger that is satiated by food for the soul,
Not everyone will get her,
Not everyone will understand her,
But that does not make her strange,
Perhaps an armed tool of resistance to society,
That she is different they fear itself is a danger…

Cliches exist everywhere,
It is hard to live on the edge fighting one’s fears,
Ripping her confidence is a trademark of those she holds dear,
Till she walks away and alone on a untrod path..
Her tribe they say is hard to find,
That is because they build cages for the likes of her,
Every cage she breaks, making them play with her a game of seek and hide,
They seek to capture her spirit,
Cage her independence,
Every label they give her, she tears and throws apart,
After all she is a fighter beside being a rebel from the very start!

#DiaryofanUrbanWorkingGirl #BreakingCages #ResistancethroughChoices


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